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Interesting Articles this Week

Before I start, let me say a warm thank you to all the people who have read this blog over the past few month, have left their comments, dropped me encouraging notes or mentioned me in their blogs: I really appreciate your support, thank you! Getting back to the subject of this post, I have […]

A Short Guide to Mastering Thread-Safety

When I am talking on forums or to some of my students, from time to time I realize that I have gotten so used to expecting a certain vocabulary and certain concepts to be known to others that it isn’t even funny. In German we call this being betriebsblind, which basically means nothing more than […]

Exceptions in OpenMP and C++ – what’s the state of affairs today?

As you may know from reading one of my last posts (e.g. the one regarding Scoped Locking in OpenMP), I am interested in issues regarding C++ and OpenMP. One of these is how to make exceptions work with OpenMP. In this article I am going to highlight the present state of affairs regarding exceptions in […]