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OpenMP Does Not Scale – Or Does It?

While at the Parco-Conference two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to meet Ruud van der Pas again. He is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems and gave a very enlightening talk called Getting OpenMP Up To Speed. What I would like to post about is not the talk itself (although it contains some […]

Parallel Programming News for Week 37/2007

It has been a while since I have done a news-roundup – therefore it is time for a new one. But before I start, let me pass on a few personal remarks about my present situation. I am in the process of finishing my PhD. right now and hope to submit it for review next […]

How-to Split a Problem into Tasks

The very first step in every successful parallelization effort is always the same: you take a look at the problem that needs to be solved and start splitting it into tasks that can be computed in parallel. This sounds easy, but I can see from my students reactions that at least for some of them […]