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10 Ways to Reduce Lock Contention in Threaded Programs

I see this mistake quite often: people have a performance or scalability problem with their threaded code and start blaming locks. Because everyone knows that locks are slow and limit scalability (yes, that was ironic :grin:). They start to optimize their code by getting rid of the locks entirely, e.g. by messing around with memory […]

Happy Birthday Thinking Parallel!

Exactly one year ago, the first post on this blog went live. I don’t want to bore you with yet another review of the times passed, but nevertheless have some announcements to make with regards to this site. And of course, if you decide to not read this article because you don’t like announcements for […]

Parallel Programming News for Week 29/2007

It’s time again for a short survey of what has been going on lately on the net with regards to parallel programming. Actually, I wanted to post something different this week, but since this list has been growing so fast and I was not quite satisfied with my other article anyways, I decided to launch […]

Moore’s Law is Dead – Long Live Moore’s Law!

While not exactly related to parallel programming, I am so sick of hearing this: Moore’s Law no longer holds! Clock speeds are no longer increasing, therefore the world is going parallel! I have shortly commented on this a couple of weeks ago. You can sometimes read it in blogs or hear it in conversations. And […]