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Breaking Out of Loops in OpenMP

I have been quite late with my post this week, I apologize for that, but I have been sick with a cold (and I still am). Couple that with the fact that I did not find the time to write one or two posts in advance since Iwomp and you see why I am late […]

News for Week 25/2007

Its been a while since I have done my last news roundup and some very interesting posts/articles have been produced during that time. Especially in the week that I have been away to Beijing. Go figure, when I am away for one week, everyone is talking about multicores and concurrency. But on the other hand […]

Some Fresh News on OpenMP

It’s been a short while since I came back from IWOMP but I would still like to share some of the news and experiences I have brought back from there. It’s been a really great experience for me, both at the conference and in the city of Beijing – which is always worth a trip, […]

The Most Overused Word in Parallel Programming: Reentrancy

I am a little late with my post this week, I apologize for that but I am still in Beijing at IWOMP with little time to post. Actually, now that the conference is over, I am staying for two more days to see the city, the Great Wall and a couple of other sites – […]