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Ten Questions with William Gropp about Parallel Programming and MPI

This is the second post in my Interviewing the Parallel Programming Idols-Series. Today I am talking with William Gropp (who I am allowed to call Bill :P). Bill had a major role in the creation of the MPI standard and is co-author of one of the most influential MPI-implementations to date (MPICH). He presently works […]

Is it Time to Throw Away your Supercomputers – or How Folding@Home is Dominated by the New Kids in Town

Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror is not the first, but maybe the most popular blog yet to comment on the recent inroads the Playstation 3 has made into the Folding@Home-world. Although the console has only been released for a few month, it has already contributed 72 percent of the computing power in the entire Folding@Home […]

Ten Questions with Joe Armstrong about Parallel Programming and Erlang

This is the first post in my Interviewing the Parallel Programming Idols-Series. My interview partner today is Joe Armstrong, one of the founding fathers of the Erlang programming language. He presently works for Ericsson, where he designed the very first version of Erlang (that was a long time ago in 1986). He is also co-author […]

Interviewing the Parallel Programming Idols

I have stated in the past that I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to parallel programming. There are always so many things left to learn, paths to travel and exciting new technologies to try out. Yet, there are people working in this field that have done so way longer than me – […]

C++ vs. C# – a Checklist from a C++ Programmers Point of View

I realize for most of you this is probably old news. I have been taking a first look at C# a little while ago, because I wanted to know if it is worth looking into, and because I am thinking about polishing up my class on Parallel Programming here at the university with a little […]

Exceptions and OpenMP – an Experiment with Current Compilers

I have blogged about OpenMP and exceptions in the past. I have shown you what the OpenMP-specification has to say about exceptions. I have also shown you some (tiny) workarounds for the limitations regarding exceptions sketched in the spec. Unfortunately, this is only one side of the medal. When you actually try to use exceptions […]