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Making Exceptions Work with OpenMP – Some Tiny Workarounds

In one of my last articles, I have told you about the state of affairs regarding exceptions and OpenMP. I also promised you a follow up-post that highlights some limited ways to work around some of these problems from a user perspective. This is it. Be warned: it is going to be short and sweet, […]


I always like it, when my readers contact me directly. Thats why I have put up a whole page for that reason alone: to make it easy for you to get in touch with me, to share your thoughts and to tell me what you liked or where I have screwed up. Therefore, it was […]

Thoughts on “Valve goes Multicore”

A little while ago, an event was held by Valve Software, Inc. at their headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. If you don’t know Valve, it is the company behind the Source Engine, which powers Half Life 2. If you still don’t know what I am talking about, this short article is probably of no interest to […]

New and Shiny About-Page

I just wanted to make anyone interested aware that I have finally gotten around to updating my About-Page. It was in a sorry state before and now that I have refactored (sweet, this works for text just as well as for code ;)) and extended my introductory article into it, I am much happier. So […]

News for Weeks 43 and 44 / 2006

There were some interesting articles during the last two weeks, which I would like to share with you (also, I have to compensate for not posting for two whole weeks – my target rate is one post per week and I do want to make up for missing that target for the first time :roll:):

A Vision for an OpenMP Pattern Library in C++

This post serves a triple-role: First of all, it is a vision document for the project I am doing at work right now. It describes the high-level goals for me and the people that will be working on the project with me – saving me from having to explain them multiple times and also providing […]