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Ten Questions with David Butenhof about Parallel Programming and POSIX Threads

This is the fourth post in my Interviewing the Parallel Programming Idols-Series. I don’t think I need to introduce my interview-partner today to anyone who has done threads-programming (except maybe to the Windows-folks). His name is David Butenhof, and he has left a big footprint in the POSIX Threads standard. David presently works for Hewlett […]

Please Don’t Rely on Memory Barriers for Synchronization!

I was innocently browsing the net, when I found this on reddit. It’s an article about synchronization using memory barriers. And it made me sad (I was going to write: it almost made me cry, but I figured that would be a little exaggerated). This article is a warning and it tells you the reasons […]

More information on pthread_setaffinity_np and sched_setaffinity

Skimming through the activity logs of this blog, I can see that many people come here looking for information about pthread_setaffinity_np. I mentioned it briefly in my article about Opteron NUMA-effects, but barely touched it because I had found a more satisfying solution for my personal use (taskset). And while I do not have in […]