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Top 15 Mistakes in OpenMP

It has been a while since I have done this little experiment, but I still find the results interesting. As some of you may know, I teach a class on parallel programming (this is an undergraduate class, by the way – may I have a million dollar in funding now as well, please? 😎 ). […]

Is the Multi-Core Revolution a Hype?

Mark Nelson does not believe in the hype about multi-cores. And he is right with several of his arguments. The world is not going to end if we cannot write our applications to allow for concurrency, that’s for sure. Since I am working on parallel machines all day, it is easy to become a little […]

An Interview with Dr. Jay Hoeflinger about Automatic Parallelization

When I started my PhD.-thesis a couple of years ago, I took some time to look at auto-parallelizing compilers and research. After all, I wanted to work on making parallel programming easier, and the best way to do that would surely be to let compilers do all the work. Unfortunately, the field appeared to be […]

What Makes Parallel Programming Hard?

Anwar Ghuloum has posted his opinion about What Makes Parallel Programming Hard at the Intel Research Blogs (which are buzzing with activity with regards to parallel programming at the moment). The funny thing is, I have asked myself the same question last week, because I have just written a section in my PhD.-thesis about it. […]