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Two Job Openings At The Best Place To Work In Germany!

Now this is just typical. Last week I have finally gotten rid of my job board, because nobody was using it. Just a week later, my advisor asks me, where it went, because she would like to announce two job openings. Oh well. Murphy is everywhere. I won’t bring back the job board, because as […]

Parallel Programming News for Week 47/2007

Contrary to what the update-frequency of this blog suggests, I am not dead. Not even near that, I am very healthy the only problem is that with my new job, new house in the works and family I am left with very little time for blogging. Life is about setting the right priorities and at […]

Parallel Programming News for Week 37/2007

It has been a while since I have done a news-roundup – therefore it is time for a new one. But before I start, let me pass on a few personal remarks about my present situation. I am in the process of finishing my PhD. right now and hope to submit it for review next […]

Happy Birthday Thinking Parallel!

Exactly one year ago, the first post on this blog went live. I don’t want to bore you with yet another review of the times passed, but nevertheless have some announcements to make with regards to this site. And of course, if you decide to not read this article because you don’t like announcements for […]

Parallel Programming News for Week 29/2007

It’s time again for a short survey of what has been going on lately on the net with regards to parallel programming. Actually, I wanted to post something different this week, but since this list has been growing so fast and I was not quite satisfied with my other article anyways, I decided to launch […]

News for Week 25/2007

Its been a while since I have done my last news roundup and some very interesting posts/articles have been produced during that time. Especially in the week that I have been away to Beijing. Go figure, when I am away for one week, everyone is talking about multicores and concurrency. But on the other hand […]

Welcome, New Readers!

My series of interviews with the parallel programming idols has brought in a whole bunch of new readers, especially regular ones that have subscribed to my newsfeed. I would like to take this opportunity to say Welcome to all of you, it’s nice to have you here! I will also share some thoughts for the […]

A beautiful summary of NVIDIA’s CUDA by Bryan O’Sullivan

Bryan O’Sullivan has a beautiful summary of the present state of NVIDIA’s CUDA. He explains the programming model, along with the many different levels of memory and their restrictions (there are many 🙂 ). I had been quite optimistic in my last post about CUDA (just from taking a quick glance at their source code), […]

Nvidia releases Cuda – and reinvents Stream Processing?

So it looks like CUDA was released. I will let their marketing department have their two minutes of fame: NVIDIA® CUDAâ„¢ technology is a fundamentally new computing architecture that enables the GPU to solve complex computational problems in consumer, business, and technical applications. CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) technology gives computationally intensive applications access to […]

A Conversation with Hennessy and Patterson

The ACM Queue has an interview with two of my absolute computer architecture heroes – John Hennessy and David Patterson. I have dug my way through their famous book Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach right before my diploma thesis and the only reason I did not buy it back then was, because I feared they […]