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How Much of the Industry Will Go Parallel?

From time to time, one of my readers asks a question via email that just keeps me thinking. And sometimes, when I realize the question is not only interesting for me, but maybe for you as well, I may decide to post it and make an article out of it. Just like last week, when […]

A Warm Recommendation for “Java Concurrency in Practice”

Today I would like to talk about a really good book. I have had it laying on my desk for some time and have not gotten around to reading it fully (only skimmed through it), mostly because Java was not at the very top of my priorities. But now that I have read it, I […]

Top 5 Reasons why I Hate Parallel Programming (Sometimes)

My regular readers know that I am doing a lot of parallel programming for work. I am writing my PhD-thesis on it. I am maintaining this blog on the very topic and have even stated in the past that I love parallel programming and why. Yet, there are still a few days when I wish […]

Parallel Programming Fun with Loop Carried Dependencies

There was a very interesting discussion on the OpenMP Mailing List last week about a for loop and how to parallelize / optimize it. I will comment on the problems and solutions presented there and also have an interesting observation to add at the end of this article. Although the examples are in OpenMP, the […]

Ten Questions with David Butenhof about Parallel Programming and POSIX Threads

This is the fourth post in my Interviewing the Parallel Programming Idols-Series. I don’t think I need to introduce my interview-partner today to anyone who has done threads-programming (except maybe to the Windows-folks). His name is David Butenhof, and he has left a big footprint in the POSIX Threads standard. David presently works for Hewlett […]

Ten Questions with Sanjiv Shah about Parallel Programming and OpenMP

This is the third post in my Interviewing the Parallel Programming Idols-Series. My interview partner today is Sanjiv Shah, who I was lucky enough to meet at various OpenMP-workshops. I have come to know him as the most knowledgeable person about OpenMP and parallel programming ever :P. Let me add a little bit about his […]

Ten Questions with William Gropp about Parallel Programming and MPI

This is the second post in my Interviewing the Parallel Programming Idols-Series. Today I am talking with William Gropp (who I am allowed to call Bill :P). Bill had a major role in the creation of the MPI standard and is co-author of one of the most influential MPI-implementations to date (MPICH). He presently works […]

Is it Time to Throw Away your Supercomputers – or How Folding@Home is Dominated by the New Kids in Town

Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror is not the first, but maybe the most popular blog yet to comment on the recent inroads the Playstation 3 has made into the Folding@Home-world. Although the console has only been released for a few month, it has already contributed 72 percent of the computing power in the entire Folding@Home […]

Ten Questions with Joe Armstrong about Parallel Programming and Erlang

This is the first post in my Interviewing the Parallel Programming Idols-Series. My interview partner today is Joe Armstrong, one of the founding fathers of the Erlang programming language. He presently works for Ericsson, where he designed the very first version of Erlang (that was a long time ago in 1986). He is also co-author […]

Exceptions and OpenMP – an Experiment with Current Compilers

I have blogged about OpenMP and exceptions in the past. I have shown you what the OpenMP-specification has to say about exceptions. I have also shown you some (tiny) workarounds for the limitations regarding exceptions sketched in the spec. Unfortunately, this is only one side of the medal. When you actually try to use exceptions […]