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Why OpenMP is the way to go for parallel programming

I guess it’s time once and for all to explain the reasons why I think OpenMP is the future of parallel programming, at least in the short term. I will start with the short version: relatively high level of abstraction performance maturity

Opteron NUMA-effects

We have a dual-processor, dual-core Opteron system at work (that makes 4 cores in total 😉 ). I often use it for performance-measurements of my parallel codes. I expected performance variations in my benchmarks when only two threads are used. The explanation of course would be simple: the Opteron-system is actually a NUMA-system. Half of […]

Why I love parallel programming

To explain a little more about the intentions of this blog, I will try to make it clear in this article, why parallel programming is a great thing to do and why I love doing it. When I first started with parallel programming while at the university, I mainly did it because it was a […]