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News for Weeks 43 and 44 / 2006

NewsThere were some interesting articles during the last two weeks, which I would like to share with you (also, I have to compensate for not posting for two whole weeks – my target rate is one post per week and I do want to make up for missing that target for the first time :roll:):

  • Joe Duffy has a very long article (and I mean really long – and I thought I was writing long posts sometimes ;)) on Concurrency and the impact on reusable libraries. It is a bit .NET-centric, but especially the best practices are very worth reading for anyone interested in concurrent programming. Which is also true for his whole blog.
  • Intel has an article highlighting the importance of parallel programming. If you are a regular reader of my blog, there is probably not much new in there (except for the marketing-speak 8O).
  • A nice little analogy of what is dangerous about shared state.
  • A short article explaining the basics of transactional memory.

In other news, I have reorganized the front page of this blog slightly. Only excerpts from merely five articles are shown now – but this also means it won’t take forever to load for people with slower connections.

Thats it for this post, stay tuned for one of my next posts where I will finally tell you a little more about myself and my reasons for writing this blog (come on, admit it, this is what you have been waiting for the whole time :P).

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