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New and Shiny About-Page

Michael SuessI just wanted to make anyone interested aware that I have finally gotten around to updating my About-Page. It was in a sorry state before and now that I have refactored (sweet, this works for text just as well as for code ;)) and extended my introductory article into it, I am much happier.

So if you always wanted to know who is talking to you here each and every week, now is the time to find out! It even provides the answers to the question some of my friends have been asking me, which is “Why the heck are you writing a blog??”.

2 Responses to New and Shiny About-Page


  1. Comment by David Kanter | 2006/11/17 at 22:02:32

    Hi Michael,

    I tried to email you earlier this week…don’t know if it got through.

    Could you ping me if you don’t mind?


    David Kanter

  2. Comment by Michael Suess | 2006/11/18 at 01:47:59

    David, don’t worry, I have gotten your mail, just did not find the time to answer until now.

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